Theophilus Donoghue is a documentary photographer who was inspired and mentored by his late father, renowned photojournalist Steve Schapiro. Like his dad who documented the civil rights movement, Theophilus has a concern for social justice and worked on projects in tandem with Schapiro about ending gun violence, abolishing the death penalty, and addressing poverty and inequality among other significant issues. Theophilus’s work is at once contemplative and lighthearted. He works primarily in black and white but uses color selectively. Having been raised in LA, NYC, and Chicago, Theophilus has a passion for cities and the poetic beauty they contain. Donoghue’s work was featured in ARTSY’s 20 21 Artists in Support of Human Rights Watch benefit auction. You can support his photography on Instagram @theodocphoto.

Theophilus is also a freelance writer who is skilled at writing press releases, professional bios, and news stories. As much as possible, he seeks to cover meaningful topics.

He hopes you enjoy his work, and he is happy to be finished tooting his own horn and writing in the third-person. Please toot for me.

And although it may appear overly pious, I have zero interest in fame and ambition apart from it serving as a means to help the severely poor, especially those who lack basic resources in Africa. Instead of purchasing one of my photography prints, please consider providing clean water for Africa through charity:water or a similar nonprofit.